Make democracy stronger not weaker

The horrorshow that is the Abbott government is undermining the reputation of democracy itself. And the Liberal/Labor parties too.

A constant stream of lies is touted as truth. Over and over again.

Stupid antics by Abbott as opposition leader and now as PM degrade the position of PM to – what? – class clown? Minister after minister demonstrates a complete lack of policy and consistency of logic. And so on and on and on…

Meanwhile childish revenge is waged against any and every fundamental pillar of Australian society that may have a whiff of Labor or Greens. What’s best for the Australian people in general and Australia as a whole is irrelevant. We are nothing but grist for the corporate mill. Not corporate in general, but corporate mates – fossil fuels in particular.

Right wing commentators are already saying that democracy is broken; it doesn’t work. This is the very worst outcome possible. And there’s every chance it has been orchestrated. Via the US Tea Party at whose feet the IPA and Liberals worship. The Liberals have been the [initially, at least] unwitting Trojan Horse of the extreme right wing ideology; an ideology that is actively putting in place systemic barriers to poor and middle class people voting. And that prevents citizen engagement in our community and politics as is required by a healthy democracy.

Those leading the campaign against democracy are deliberately undermining our confidence and faith how our democracy works.

Many young people do not register to vote – they don’t see why they should.

While we have some idea how rule of law protects us from violent person-on-person crime like murder and robbery; but few of us realise how much we are protected from exploitation and oppression by our democratic system.

The extreme paranoid right-wing ideology imported from the US that presents government as the enemy fails to mention that, without government, we would be weak and without any means of resisting oppression by the most evil forces that have no desire but to exploit and harm us.

Let there be no mistake: when democracy is weakened a power vacuum opens up and the psychopaths swarm in. They have already infiltrated government (Liberal and Labor). Without actively strengthening our institutions and functions of democracy, we are in very grave danger as an egalitarian and free society.  Democracy is our best and only protector, whether it’s socialist or capitalist is irrelevant. We must work to make it better and stronger, and make governments far more accountable.


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