March in March – the end of mainstream media for a generation

The mainstream media did not “approve” of March in March – the big rallies across regional Australia and capital cities held on 15-17 March 2014. They were scathing of the diversity of issues covered and the lack of seriousness of the signs. I saw a tweet reporting the online Sydney Morning Herald describing the march as “a joke”.
Poor John Birmingham was most upset
Welcome to the future!
I’m a veteran demonstration/march/rally activist, particularly in my younger days. The Vietnam Moratorium marches are my benchmark.
The Melbourne March in March was massive, estimated at between 30-50k marchers. This is without a doubt newsworthy by modern standards when involvement in organised movements is declining.
Most marchers were young people (under 30?), and nearly everyone was there through social media. Almost no presence of political parties or trade unions – often forming the bulk of other rallies. This was my Twitter timeline on the streets! … As in Egypt, as in Libya, as across all those Middle-Eastern and European “revolutions” we’ve seen these past few years. It’s no wonder the establishment is hiding this!
The mainstream media were irrelevant in the march’s formation, and made themselves further irrelevant in its reporting.
Do you think anyone there will now look to the mainstream media as a source of reliable credible information? No way!

Let’s instead look to the students of Newtown High School who stood up to the mealy-mouthed simplistic obfuscations of Prime Minister Abbott better than any journalist or the Opposition.